About our Restaurant

Sasso's Coal Fired Pizza combines artisan pizzas with a rustic industrial atmosphere for a unique dining experience. 

 Sasso's Coal Fired Pizza opened in 2016.  Named after Matt's grandfather, Robert Sasso, and his great grandfather, Thomas Sasso. The restaurant shares the love of pizza and family style cooking.  Sassos’ was created from our families love and passion for food. We wanted to bring some of these same experiences that we enjoy to you and your family. For us, New Haven coal fired pizza was always a tradition and provided a gathering place for our family. The enticing aromas and ambience that came from these beautiful coal ovens was part of the rich experience, not to mention the unique flavor and signature “char” that set the pizza apart from anywhere else. There is something romantic about coal fired cooking that embodies the idea of family and friends sharing a meal together for an elevated dining experience.   

Naturally, when we began the adventure of our own pizzeria, we knew right away that a coal oven was the only choice for us. We are pleased to bring you a freshly prepared, creative menu that portrays the essence of coal fired cooking. We hope you enjoy the warm family atmosphere that we created here at Sasso’s and share in the same experiences that we grew up on.